• Tradition and innovation
  • Adaptation to customer needs and flexibility in the development of new products.
  • Customised production
  • Continuous research and innovation
  • Pursuit of excellence: quality and customer service
  • Professionalism
  • Competitive pricing

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Sponge cake sheets

Our sponge cake sheets are made with selected wheat flour, premium quality eggs, sugar, and cocoa for our chocolate sponge. Our strict quality control, in line with ISO and IFS standards, guarantees that we offer the best quality in the market.
We tailor the measurements, thickness and formulas to our clients’ needs. Our products are freshly baked for every occasion and transported in refrigerated vehicles, which means they are a delight to work with. Delicate pore structure, perfect absorption; our sponges are just right to guarantee your cakes and ice-creams are perfectly moist.

From 4cm squares to the traditional 60x40cm sheets, we give your kitchen access to the full range of sponge cake sheet sizes.

Sponge cake roll sheet

Our rollable sponge cake sheets are specially formulated for maximum flexibility and ideal handing and performance in your Yule logs and Swiss rolls.

Our recipes allow for use in both manual and automated machine sponge cake rolling systems.

Bizcocho Especial

Special sponge cake sheets

Special recipe sponge sheets designed by our R&D department. We have built on our original recipes to create a broad range of varieties to meet the needs of our clients

In the Spanish market, Mazalmendra’s innovations include savoury (neutral) sponge sheets, sugar-free sheets, sheets with special vegetable extracts for catering, such as spinach, olives, tomato, and gingerbread sheets, among others.

Sponge cake bases for American cakes and strawberry, yogurt and coffee cakes, among others.
Recipes to delight even the most demanding palates: red velvet, carrot cake, joconde cakes, and sponge sheets containing fresh fruit, or nuts and dried fruit.

Sponge cakes decorated with transfers or inset with a different sponge (stripes, zigzags, etc.) will make your cake a baking sector leader.

  • Sponge cake sheets and rounds fragranced with natural aromas.
  • Natural, PRESERVATIVE-FREE sponge cake sheets and rounds designed especially for quality, freshly-baked cakes: just egg, sugar and flour… sponge cake as it should be.
    We provide every kind of sponge base your product portfolio requires.
Bizcocho Especial

Product development

As well as constantly improving our basic products, our R&D and innovation department also designs new products, some their own creations and others in response to client requests, always with outstanding results in terms of both quality and tim