• Tradition and innovation
  • Adaptation to customer needs and flexibility in the development of new products.
  • Customised production
  • Continuous research and innovation
  • Pursuit of excellence: quality and customer service
  • Professionalism
  • Competitive pricing

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Passion and commitment

Manufacturers of high pastry

Passion and commitment

The years of experience of all Mazalmendra staff make our passion and commitments to our clients grow everyday, which motivates us to embrace our process of continuous improvement.

Mazalmendra sponge cake sheets provide the best solution to improve our customers’ productivity and the quality of their creations, adjusting to their needs and working together to achieve a superb end product.

Our production capacity allows us to guarantee a fresh sponge cake sheet and a “just in time” service, always complying with the most demanding quality standards guaranteed by the IFS and BRC food safety certifications.

The highest quality raw ingredients and tailored recipes are able to incorporate free-range eggs, palm-oil free or sustainable palm-oil (RSPO certified), UTZ cocoa, natural colourings, vegan products, etc., offering a wide range of products that meet the requirements of today’s market.

As such, our products are of the highest quality, with as few additives as possible in the list of ingredients. (Clean label products)

Our goal is to place customers at the heart of everything we do, building long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and collaborative work.

In essence

We want to take part in the customer production process by offering flexible solutions to create custom sponge sheets in accordance with our customers’ needs and their products, providing value, healthiness and maximum quality in each of our products.