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Mazalmendra. Fine bakery manufacturers.
Specialists in sponge cake sheets

Our sponge cake sheets are made with selected wheat flour, premium quality eggs, sugar, and cocoa for our chocolate sponge. Our strict quality control, in line with ISO and IFS standards, guarantees that we offer the best quality in the market.
We tailor the measurements, thickness and formulas to our clients’ needs. Our products are freshly baked for every occasion and transported in refrigerated vehicles, which means they are a delight to work with. Delicate pore structure, perfect absorption; our sponges are just right to guarantee your cakes and ice-creams are perfectly moist.
From 4cm squares to the traditional 60x40cm sheets, we give your kitchen access to the full range of sponge cake sheet sizes.

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Product development

As well as constantly improving our basic products, our R&D and innovation department also designs new products, some their own creations and others in response to client requests, always with outstanding results in terms of both quality and time.